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Investing in the economy of meaning

The groundbreaking investment fund, which invests in business technology companies, engraves on Diglan a profound impact on humanity and the planet. We work with entrepreneurs and leaders on their journey to realize the sublime purpose that leads their organization.


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The first venture capital fund in Israel to invest in the meaning economy:  Companies managed by the concept of "attentive capitalism", which serve the goals of sustainability or measure their performance in the environment-society-government indices [ESG]

Enjoying Sunset

 As part of the investment concept, we help the organization's leadership to adopt the principles of meaning economics, by making knowledge accessible  Inspiring in the areas of sustainability, business-mission and environmental-social-government perceptions


Computers that grow food, intelligent factories that produce everything themselves and digital banks for underprivileged companies. Everything you need to know to build a company dedicated to a sublime destiny

In Royal Dress
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- Designation of Afik Endover -

"We are inspiring among the 'people of tomorrow' in order to motivate them to build sub-organizations

The Path of Human History "

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