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Exemplary organizations

Afik's flagship lecture platform includes more than 50 inspiring lectures and trilogies for entrepreneurs, leaders, and organizations on their journey to realize the sublime purpose that leads them.

The content provides groundbreaking thought tools: concepts for creating change, engines for motivating the person and the organization, methodologies for creating wonderful products and the exciting encounter between the person and the purpose of his life throughout human history.

A hot summer on the bus
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  More than 50 inspiring lectures and trilogies on the subject   Entrepreneurship,  Organizations

  And people who change the

The path of history

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In Royal Dress
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"We are inspiring among the 'people of tomorrow' in order to motivate them to build sub-organizations

The Path of Human History "

- The purpose of the bus -

Locality of the planet Mars,

Restoration to life of extinct species  And immortal life for man:

  Great people and masterpieces rewrite human history

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