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         Print version         

An original copy of The Labyrinth, A. Walker's inspirational book. Hardcover and elegant cover, 200 pages of short odyssey, giving groundbreaking enlightenment in poetic and rich language.

Publishing of "Niv" books. April 2021

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       The digital version       

The Labyrinth is also available in digital version, directly for Kindle, tablet or any other reading platform. A great way to take your labyrinthine always with you.

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                      39 NIS                    

"If you're building an organization, embarking on an independent journey or just wandering to the edge of the human border, this book is on the side of the road. It has everything that pioneers are looking for: inspiration. Courage. Tragedy ... and a little humor, too."

-Jenny Goldmintz, editor of Journies Magazine  - 

"In the difficult moments of my personal journey, I take the 'Labyrinth' and pick a page at random. And always, miraculously, I land just on the little journey that helps me reflect on the situation and get some more courage to continue on the path.  "

-Michael Bindman, High-Tech Entrepreneur - 

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        Executive package        

A case of three original copies of the "Labyrinth", hardcover, with a personal dedication to each member of the organization, for teams who want to provide a source of lasting inspiration to their people


"Failure is a momentous moment  In every process of creation.

Necessary failure  In that it brings about the death of mediocrity

And to the birth of the exceptional "

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  Package: Book + inspirational photos  

Package that includes one copy of the book 'Labyrinth' in hardcover and three wall pictures (30x30)  Which include inspirational quotes and eye-catching graphics from the book. Easy and fast hanging in an IKEA patent. To experience a complete labyrinth at home as well

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 - About the writer behind Labyrinth - 

A. Walker [pen name], lives in Tel Aviv.  

High-tech entrepreneur,  Writer and lecturer in the worlds of technological leadership  In dozens of societies around the world, where he follows the exciting encounter between man and the purpose of his life, and the impact of this encounter on the continuum of human history as a whole. 

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