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The embarrassed


My time in the big city is nearing completion.

On the last day of autumn,

I chose to spend time alone

In the mansion I had at home last year.

Next to the door,

Packed suitcase and pair of flight tickets

I will be carried to my house soon.


From the window you can see the green labyrinth of the mansion,

Crowded corridors of abundantly pruned vegetation,

Leading, crossing, disappearing.


But when my feet were trodden under foot,

I lost my way quickly.

Vegetation walls carried above me,

An hour when my feet occupy the gravel path.

Again and again I had to repeat my steps,

Desperately trying to find my way back.


Until I suddenly found myself in the garden plaza.

The vegetable walls were left behind,

The splendor of the place is revealed as if in one fell swoop.

And in the center of it I met a gardener.


He smiled when he saw me.

But it was the smile of a man who watched the following.

Then he turned his back,

And continued to prune the walls of the vegetable.


"Did you create the maze?"

I asked softly.


"This is not a maze, buddy."

He answers without turning his head to me.

"This is Labyrinth!"


I look around.

The walls of the vegetation envelop the place to which I came.

"What is the difference between a maze and a labyrinth?"

IM asking.

Giggling in embarrassment.


The gardener pauses for a moment from his work.

He smiles to himself.

"The maze is planned that way

That will be difficult for those who walk in it

To find the exit.

Its passers-by are deceiving, splitting

And leading black-and-black ...

It's meant to capture you. "


I wonder about his words.

But he will not let me lose again.


"And these are the labyrinth ..."

He continues, as if he had heard the beating of my heart,

"Plans to bring you to the center.

To his heart. "


I understand now.

I did not get lost in the vegetable maze,

For if I had rushed to its center.

To the gardener.

With tears in my eyes I landed on the wooden bench,

And the gardener ceased from his work, and sat down by my side.


"Do you understand, buddy?"


I'm nodding ...

My whole life has led to this place.


"The labyrinth leaves us marks.

Roads, hints ...

He just wants to get us back to the center.

To the place

In which we truly seek to be.

To the heart.


But we ...

Instead of listening to him read,

We reverse it

To embarrass. "


"Destiny is what you came to do in this life.

'Inheritance' is what you do at this time,

In order to enable others to fulfill their destiny "

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Anthological stories  Short, describing encounters with mentors in the modern world and the inspiring lessons behind them

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 - About the writer behind Labyrinth - 

A. Walker [pen name], lives in Tel Aviv.  

High-tech entrepreneur,  Writer and lecturer in the worlds of technological leadership  In dozens of societies around the world, where he follows the exciting encounter between man and the purpose of his life, and the impact of this encounter on the continuum of human history as a whole. 

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