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What is a young doctor looking for in the battered alleys of Venice? What are the three keys found by a young survivor in the death camps of smoky Europe? And how does an anonymous programmer, in a dark apartment in South Detroit, shape the reality around us?

Labyrinth, a super-temporal work that describes a person's journey to reveal and understand his destiny: the purpose for which he came.

In a series of short stories, 'Odyssey' , the reader encounters his life: the pursuit of meaning, failure, daring, all stops in the pioneer's journey to fulfill the noble purpose in his life.   

Through an encounter with pulsating moments, bubbling illuminating insights, which become a roadmap for every person leading a change in the world

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In Royal Dress

Before you embark on your journey, remember my words:

On a journey to discover who you are meant to be

There is a train that will carry you to your destination.

You can choose whether to get on it or not

The Pioneer Journey  -

 50 modern and inspiring odyssey, depicting the role of pioneers, entrepreneurs and leaders in shaping reality and fulfilling the lofty purpose of us all

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Also in digital version for each platform

A quality gift for thinking people

Inspirational and thought-provoking content

Spectacular production with a courier to the house

"If you're building an organization, embarking on an independent journey or just wandering to the edge of the human border, this book is on the side of the road. It has everything that pioneers are looking for: inspiration. Courage. Tragedy ... and a little humor, too."

-Jenny Goldmintz, editor of Journies Magazine  - 

"From the moment I took the book in my hands, I swallowed the spectacular stories without stopping for a moment. Each journey unfolds into the next, and together unfolds a marvelous odyssey of failure and daring, purpose and meaning that every entrepreneur or leader can find himself in."

-Dana Shlomi, CEO of New School - 

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 - About the writer behind Labyrinth - 

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A. Walker [pen name], lives in Tel Aviv.  

High-tech entrepreneur,  Writer and lecturer in the worlds of technological leadership  In dozens of societies around the world, where he follows the exciting encounter between man and the purpose of his life, and the impact of this encounter on the continuum of human history as a whole.  

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